Tuesday, November 15, 2011


     Today, I helped Brett create a flying airplane from cardboard. After some trials with mixed results, I believe the problem to be that we were creating too much lift  and that was causing the craft to flip over in the air. If Brett and the plane are there tomorrow, I plan to pitch the idea of adding length and weight to the rear of the craft. I find it quite an accomplishment of an art student to successfully create an airfoil wing. Today was definitely a personal victory.


  1. I got the sense you two were up to something cool work in there; awesome to hear!

    Keep up the "heart" work!

  2. Thanks for playing tunes today, too...

    : )

    You might have to cut and paste this to view, but a cool performance:


  3. Awesome! Thanks for commenting, by the way. It's very motivating.