Monday, November 14, 2011


     Today I finished Sierra's demo video and posted it on youtube. Two young men I hadn't met before were at the Be You house (both of whom's names escape me currently). They are both avidly interested in skateboarding, an activity I find admirable and have never been able to master myself. Balance is not a strong suit of mine.
     Having so many people in the house lent a frantic atmosphere to the place. Also, not related to the house, I had my blood taken today and the phlebotomist must have stabbed a nerve because my entire left arm still aches even as I write this. I am easily overwhelmed and the loudness of house and the pain in my arm soon left me over-stimulated, but I do not care; I have recently discovered an intrinsic beauty to chaos. I have found being uncomfortable is one of the quickest routes of self-growth.

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